Celebrating World Pangolin Day 2018

Helping the Pangolins in Yagirala

The Pangolin Conservation Project was initiated by the Biodiversity and Sustainability Research Group of the Department of forestry and Environmental Science in 2014.  The primary focus of the project is to protect Indian Pangolin Manis crassicaudata from poaching and over-hunting. Pangolin Conservation Project has three focal areas:

  • Protection
  • Research
  • Education

Project locationface

The Pangolin Conservation Project operates based on the Yagirala Conservation Education Center of the Center for Sustainability, located in the Yagirala Forest Reserve; a tropical lowland rainforest in the south-west of Sri Lanka.

What we are trying to achieve

The project has several long-term and short-term objectives

  • Gather information on the behaviour and ecology of Indian Pangolin
  • Population and territory sizes in specific regions
  • Prey preferences and feeding habits
  • Population structure