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About the LEAP

LEAP; Leadership in Environmental Awareness and Performance is a unique and country-specific Certification Consultative Program developed by the Center for Sustainability at the Department of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. The program currently covers sustainable forestry, sustainable tourism, and environmental management.

For whom?

  • Are you concerned about the possible negative impacts of your business to the environment?
  • Are you looking for improved environmental performance, and green business solutions?
  • Is your business looking for environmental certification?
  • Or are you simply looking for a qualified consultant to assist your business in obtaining certification?

Whether your intentions are purely environmental or business oriented, LEAP Certification Consultative Programoffered by the Center for Sustainability is the ideal solution for you.

 How it operates?

The LEAP program currently covers sustainable forestry, sustainable tourism, and environmental management, and LEAP Certification Standards are available for these key areas.

Your enterprise/business will be assessed against the intended LEAP standards which include unique and country-specific set of criteria and indicators those are comparable with leading international certification standards.

Under LEAP Certification Consultative Program, our experts will continuously work with your business by providing the necessary advice and guidance to improve industry’s environmental performance to match LEAP standards.

Upon the successful completion and demonstration of satisfactory environmental performance (i.e. meeting LEAP standards), the LEAP Certificate of Accomplishment will be awarded to the client firm.

Successful firms will also be entitled to display and carry the unique LEAP logo in their advertising and promotion efforts.

Since LEAP standards are designed to be in par with other leading international certification standards,   achieving LEAP standards will be a stepping stone for firms to acquire or ‘leap’ to other major international certification standards. The CFS will facilitate such adoption of international standards through preparation of necessary documents/paperwork as part of the package.


LEAP is not just another ordinary consultative program or work. LEAP comes with unique features.

  • You will get the opportunity to receive advice and guidance from highly qualified and competent panel of experts/university academics in achieving improved environmental performance.
  • Upon meeting LEAP standards, your enterprise will receive the LEAP Certificate of Accomplishment and, will be entitled to carry the unique LEAP logo on your products and advertising. As these endorsements are awarded from THEpioneer institution in environmental education in the country, LEAP will be of added value.
  • Most importantly, LEAP’s monitoring mechanism will ensure that genuine efforts at ground level will be made and continued by enterprises to safeguard the environment, hence promoting sustainability.