Workshops and Trainings

Yagirala Forest Research and Conservation Education Center is a most suitable place to organize workshops and training programmes for universities and schools. Annually “JUNIOR NATURALIST” conservation education program for students of Colombo International School was held at Yagirala Forest Research and Conservation Education Center. The program aimed at providing hands-on learning about tropical forest ecosystems as a way to inspire positive environmental stewardship. More than 100 participants including students and teachers from CIS were attended the 3-day workshop.

The Green Practices Committee (GPC) organized an outbound training (OBT) programme on 2016 at the Conservation Education Center, Yagirala for students who have volunteered to take part in the activities in greening the University. The training was organized with the objectives of motivating team performance by using complementary skills, increasing collaboration, innovation and productivity and developing team strategies for getting results, building trust, and giving & receiving feedback.


Yagirala research center consists with hospitable residential facilities surrounded by rain forest. Almost 15-20 members can stay. Two Large rooms and also have kitchen with kitchenware. Attached bath rooms and other sanitary facilities. Dining-room and lobby are very familiar to your place. However traveling to this location is easy due to clear road from here to Avittava – Walallavita main road. From main road to Yagirala research center is not far. A Branch of Bentara river flow down near this location. High aesthetic value around this area is supported by wild animals, birds, butterflies like fauna and different plant species. Tropical climate is evenly spread and direct sun light not allowed through canopy layers. Therefore comfortable environment with fresh air makes consolatory period.

Field Classes

Yagirala Forest Research and Conservation Education Center is one of the pioneer destination for field classes in Forestry and Environmental education. The Department of Forestry and Environmental Science of University of Sri Jayewardenepura used this strategic location for their field classes for some subject areas such as Forest Mensuration and Forest management for both B.Sc and M.Sc. Students. Further the Department of Zoology and Environment Management of University of Kelaniya, the Colombo International School and few other Educational institutes are using this center to conduct their field classes.

Research Facilities

  • Biodiversity researches.
  • Rare butterflies and birds.
  • Endemic fish species in streams.
  • Endemic flora and fauna species.

Proposed Development Activites

Development of the 5ha Medicinal Garden

The Medicinal garden of the Yagirala Forest Research Center to be restored in the near future with the financial assistance of the private sector.

Development of Existing nature trails

the Existing nature trails are under the development. The visitors can have a better experience in the Yagirala Forest once the nature trail development is completed.



If you like to be a part any of above activities please contact the Center for Sustainability